It has been a long cold winter here in Southern Ontario this year but spring is finally here….  the Frogs are back!  Last year they all but had seemed to disappear but they are hear singing in huge numbers again, their song is almost overwhelming 🙂 .  Saw some gardener snakes and a morning cloak butterfly,  heard the piliated woodpecker.


A walk in the woods to start a new year, cannot think of anything better…. 

Our new friend was there to greet us again.   Hanks dog is a friendly one,  it sure startled Stephen at Christmas, saw it comming fast through the woods at him out of the corner of his eye, I think he thought it was a wolf  🙂 

, the dog is certainly big enough.

Winter is hear.  Snow is hear.  Good to have the Family around at Christmas.

The Woods really open up when all the leaves are gone!

Lots of Puffballs.

Time to catch up with some months.  Planted a few tree nuts, maybe they will come up in the spring.  Found a few small puffballs, I really should try frying them in butter someday.

Not a lot of time to visit in early August.  The new trees are doing well although the weeds around them are starting to get away on us.  But the summer so far has been hot and dry between the rains, I think the weeds are protecting these new trees.  They appear to be holding the moisture in the soil and helping them to thrive.  This is contrary to popular thought but I notice that the trees had become heat stressed after I had cut down the weeds in July.  They seem to be doing well now.  Mosquitoes and deer flys are still bad,  this should improve as August rolls on.  My Cecropia moth catterpillars that I released into the woods are doing well,  I even notice a Promethia moth cocoon freshly formed on one of the cherry trees where I released the Cecropia caterpillars.  A lot of monarch butterflies around along with some Giant and Tiger Swallowtails.